About Us

At Remote Energy, our mission is to pioneer eco-friendly, cost-effective, and seamless solutions for charging electric vehicles. We’re committed to finding a better way to empower the future of transportation, one that reduces environmental impact while enhancing convenience for users.

Our team comprises visionary leaders in innovation and a dedicated group of professionals with extensive experience in engineering, innovation, and eco-solutions. With years of collective expertise, we’re driven to revolutionize the charging experience and propel the world towards a more sustainable future. Join us on our journey as we redefine the possibilities of electric vehicle charging.

Meet the Staff

Key Personnel

Amir Levit

Co Founder & CEO
BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Technion Extensive experience in product development Successful business track record Experience in fundraising

Alex Axelrod

Co Founder & CTO
MSc. In Radio Physics PhD. Electromagnetics Studies in TAU – mm-wave components & microwave antenna design Expert in EMC & RF design Expert in wireless system design Foundations of physics research

Serge Svedcenko

R&D Manager
Master's degree in Electronics Engineering Academic background from EU and US Long time member of IEEE Led complex developments for the leading defense companies in Israel

Tsachi Davidov

Co Founder & COO
Practical plastic engineering Business Administration (BA) Extensive experience in operational management, establishment of production lines and professional bring to production services

David Freidenberg

Seasoned entrepreneur, MBA in Finance from Hebrew University, excels in strategic partnerships, funding, and relationships for growth

Advisory Board

Yoram Cohen COO

Yoram Cohen

Co Founder & CCO
Former head of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) BA and MA in Political Science, graduate of Israel National Defense College Extensive experience in development and implementation of unique intelligence capabilities, advanced technologies and operational concepts

Rafi Elul

Advisory Board
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bar Ilan University. Prominent public figure, former Knesset member, with extensive international business and investor network.

Yiftah Ron-Tal

Advisory Board
A retired general from the IDF Served as the commander of the land arm Served as the chairman of the board of the Israel Ports Company Served as the chairman of the board of the Israeli Electric Company

Ariel Pinto

Advisory Board
Extensive experience in senior business and managerial positions in Israel and abroad. Served as Strauss-Elite's VP of sales for the private channel, CEO of Tiv Ta'am's food complex Former CEO of the Mitsubishi car brand in Israel and CEO of Mercedes Israel (Colmobil Group).
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