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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: On this page you can find details of the terms of use and privacy policy of this website (hereinafter: the site). The terms detailed on this page apply to all visitors to the site from the moment they enter it, and the browsing of the site constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: The terms detailed on this page may change from time to time, without any prior notice from the owners of the site or its operators. Such updates take effect immediately upon publication on the site, and continued browsing of the site constitutes acceptance of them.

Nature of the Content Published on the Site: This site is intended to share knowledge and experience and to promote the business behind it. The content published on the site should not be considered as recommendations but solely as enriching knowledge. It is advisable to consult with professional experts before taking any action that may affect or endanger the user and/or others, physically, economically, or otherwise.

Copyright: All content appearing on this site, without exception, is protected by copyright and is owned by the site owners, or legally acquired and used under a license limited to this site and the associated business activity. This applies to all types of content appearing on this site or comprising it: texts, images, audio clips, video clips, designs, code, and more. It is prohibited to copy, duplicate, redistribute, sell, rent, edit, or make any use of the content appearing on this site other than for browsing purposes.

Site Activity: The site owners and operators make efforts to maintain its continuous and proper activity regularly. Nevertheless, the site’s activity may occasionally be disrupted due to various events such as site updates, server maintenance, force majeure, and more. The site owners and operators are not responsible for any damage that may be caused due to disruptions in the site’s activity—physical, business-related, financial, and more.

User Blocking: The site owners and operators reserve the right to block users whom they suspect their activity in any way harms the site, the business represented by the site, individuals, and more. Such blockages may be carried out digitally and/or legally. No prior notice will be given before taking action against such disobedient users.

Monitoring: This site integrates lawful monitoring systems that collect information anonymously about user activity. These measures may include cookies, pixels, tags, and more. These means were developed by third parties, and the site owners and operators are not responsible or obligated in any way regarding their operation or the security measures integrated into them. The site owners and operators may lawfully use the collected information for marketing analysis and site activity optimization purposes only.

Contacting Users: The site incorporates systems that allow users to contact the site owners or its owners directly. Among these are contact forms, clickable phone numbers, chat initiation buttons, and more. The site owners reserve the right to contact users who have approached them first and to keep their details for use, including for promotional sales and business activities, in accordance with the law.

Jurisdiction: Disputes between users and site owners will be resolved in accordance with Israeli law and the jurisdiction of the courts in Israel.

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