how does it work

Our goal is to provide seamless, safe and efficient way to wirelessly charge any vehicle: private cars, industrial vehicles, shared vehicles, drones, and more. 

Therefore, our products are designed to be as convenient as possible. Drivers or vehicle operators only have to park or position the vehicle in the designated charging area… and that’s it! 

The system will automatically identify and acknowledge the authorized customer and commence charging automatically. No cables required. In fact, the vehicle doesn’t have to be fully aligned with the charging pad. With our Dynamic Charging solution, charging can happen on the move, while the vehicle is driven.

Our breakthrough

While wireless vehicle charging has been available for several years, Remote Energy’s solution represents a significant advancement in the field.

Until now, existing solutions relied solely on magnetic coupling charging. These systems required heavy and expensive receiving coils installed on the vehicle, precise alignment with transmitting coils, and bulky magnetic field absorbers.

Remote Energy’s patented developments utilize electric field charging, a breakthrough solution that enhances cost-effectiveness, employs lightweight and compact components, and grants exceptional freedom to drivers and operators.

Remote Energy's Electric Field Charging
Magnetic Field Charging

Electric Field Charging (Remote Energy)
Magnetic Field Charging
Vehicle Alignment with TX Elements
Full or Even Partial Coverage
Stringent Lateral Alignment Is Paramount
Cost-effective components and installation
manufacture and installation costs
Supported Energy Consumers
All vehicles, including drones and Two-Wheeled vehicles.
Mostly cars and trucks due to weight and costs
Receiving Components on Vehicle
Thin, light-weight metal plate and Isolation Layer
Heavy, High-Profile Components


Installation of Remote Energy’s wireless charging solution is easy. 

In the near future, certified installation suppliers will be available for private and commercial customers. These suppliers will install Remote Energy’s transmitting units in homes, parking lots, and highways. Next, they will install receiving units in the customer’s electric vehicle. Since the receiving electrode is comprised of a thin, light weight metal plate, most electric vehicles can be modified with an easy installation process.

Energy, Everywhere

Remote Energy revolutionizes the way we energize vehicles. Utilizing advanced, patent-protected technology, the company’s solution transforms wireless charging into a real-time saver, suitable for every vehicle and market.

Remote Energy’s solutions are in final stages of development and will be commercially available soon.

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