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Saving time and Funds


Fleets & Shared Vehicles

Saving Time and Funds with Ground-Breaking Wireless Charging Solution for Car Fleets

Welcome to Remote Energy’s revolutionary wireless charging solution designed specifically for companies operating large fleets of electric vehicles and shared mobility services.

As the adoption of electric vehicles surges, companies are increasingly recognizing the need for efficient and cost-effective charging solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Remote Energy’s wireless charging technology offers a game-changing solution, allowing companies to streamline their operations and maximize the uptime of their vehicle fleets.

With Remote Energy’s solution, charging becomes as simple as parking. By integrating our wireless charging infrastructure into designated parking areas, companies can effortlessly power up their electric vehicle fleets without the hassle of plugging in cables or maneuvering vehicles into charging stations.

This seamless charging experience not only saves valuable time for fleet managers and drivers but also eliminates the risk of human error and ensures consistent and reliable charging for every vehicle in the fleet.

By harnessing the power of electric field charging, Remote Energy’s technology delivers convenience, ensuring charging and operational costs reduction.

Companies can unlock significant cost savings by reducing maintenance and infrastructure costs associated with traditional charging methods. By eliminating the need for costly charging stations and infrastructure upgrades, companies can allocate resources more efficiently and invest in expanding their electric vehicle fleets with confidence.

Join the future of fleet management with Remote Energy’s Wireless Charging for Car Fleets. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and cost savings of wireless charging and take your electric vehicle fleet to new heights of productivity and sustainability.
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