Public Transportation

Empowering Public Transit


Public Transportation

Streamlining Public Transportation Operations with Wireless Power

Remote Energy’s innovative wireless charging solution designed for public transportation vehicles offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for operators, drivers, and passengers alike.

The solution can be applied to all types of public transportation vehicles,  including buses, taxis, shuttles, and more. 

With our wireless charging solution, operators can easily charge their entire fleet of vehicles, eliminating the need for manual charging processes and costly infrastructure upgrades. This not only saves valuable time and effort for operators but also translates into significant cost savings over time.

Drivers and crew members benefit from the convenience of wireless charging, allowing them to focus on providing safe and reliable transportation services without the hassle of traditional charging methods. With no cables to plug in or charging stations to navigate, drivers can streamline their daily routines and ensure that their vehicles remain fully charged and operational at all times.

Passengers also enjoy the benefits of wireless charging, with seamless and uninterrupted journeys thanks to vehicles that are consistently powered and ready to go. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or traveling across town, passengers can rely on public transportation vehicles equipped with Remote Energy’s wireless charging solution for a smooth and convenient ride.

Join us in revolutionizing public transportation with Remote Energy’s wireless charging solution. Experience the ease, convenience, and cost savings of wireless charging for public transportation vehicles, and help create a more sustainable and efficient urban mobility ecosystem.

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