Wireless Car Charging

At Home, Work, Parking Garage or Street


Wireless Car Charging

Wireless Seamless, Fast and Cost Efficient Charging For Every Electric Vehicle

Welcome to Remote Energy’s cutting-edge wireless charging solution tailored for private car owners, providing unparalleled convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Our advanced technology allows homeowners a hassle-free charging experience. Soon, charging stations can be ordered directly to your home or found at convenient locations such as public parking lots or even along the street, enhancing accessibility and flexibility for users.

Unlike traditional charging methods, our wireless solution eliminates the need for cables and charging stations. The energy receiving component installed in your car is a thin, lightweight metal plate and electronic box, engineered to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Remote Energy’s wireless charging can fit any EV.  The charging system installation can be either in a new or aftermarket. The installation is fast, safe, and cost-efficient.

Experience the future of automotive charging with Remote Energy’s wireless solution. Simply park your car in the designated charging area, and our system will automatically initiate the charging process. No precise alignment, identification and fee charging effort is required on behalf of the driver, providing unmatched comfort for users.

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