Dynamic Charging

charging while driving


Dynamic Charging

Revolutionizing Roadway Charging: Dynamic Charging by Remote Energy

Dynamic Charging, a groundbreaking solution by Remote Energy revolutionizing the way vehicles are powered on the move. With Dynamic Charging, vehicles traveling on specially modified roads can seamlessly and automatically be wirelessly charged, eliminating the need for traditional charging stops and saving drivers time, effort, and money.

Dynamic Charging offers an innovative approach to powering vehicles. Transmitting units installed beneath the road surface are cost-effective, making widespread implementation feasible. This technology adds significant value for drivers utilizing these roads, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Unlike traditional magnetic-based charging systems, Dynamic Charging is based on electric field, offering efficient charging process. This allows for significant charging to occur while vehicles are in motion, ensuring that vehicles remain powered throughout their journey.

Experience the future of automotive charging with Dynamic Charging from Remote Energy. Say goodbye to inconvenient charging stops and hello to seamless, on-the-go charging that enhances efficiency and convenience for drivers and road operators alike. Join us in paving the way towards a more sustainable and efficient transportation future.

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