Accessibility Statement

We believe in equal opportunities and in an internet accessible to all. We strive to ensure that our website allows people with disabilities to browse with the same level of enjoyment and efficiency as all users, independently and respectfully, and that our office also provides full accessibility for everyone.

Accessibility is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Israeli Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law of 1998 and the regulations enacted thereunder.

Website Accessibility

Accessibility adjustments have been made as much as possible according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for internet content accessibility at AA level and WCAG 2.0 level. It should be noted that despite the effort to make all pages of the site accessible, some parts may not have been accessed yet, and we will continue to work on making them accessible.

Accessibility is carried out voluntarily by us, despite the exemption under Israeli regulation 35F(7) of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility) of 2013.

As part of the accessibility menu, accessible by clicking on the blue accessibility icon, the following actions can be performed:

  • Text enlargement and reduction
  • Text color change to gray
  • High contrast Inverted contrast
  • Change to a light background
  • Emphasis on links Change to a more readable font

Users who have difficulty operating the mouse can navigate the site using the keyboard:

  • By pressing the TAB button on the keyboard, you can navigate through the site pages and menus and easily navigate between them.
  • You can enlarge or reduce font size by pressing CTRL plus (+) or minus (-) on the keyboard, respectively.
  • To return the font to its original size, press CTRL 0.

The site supports the common screen reader software on the market.

The site is supported by popular browsers in their latest versions and is also adapted for mobile browsing. In our assessment, the best compatibility is achieved through the “Chrome” browser.

Office Accessibility

We conduct remote conversations and meetings (phone, Zoom), and therefore do not accept audiences in the building.

Accessibility Improvement Proposals

We continuously strive to improve accessibility adjustments and also take voluntary actions at our discretion, even in cases where there is no explicit accessibility requirement under the law. If you encounter accessibility difficulties on the premises or while browsing the site, if you have requests or suggestions for accessibility improvements, or feedback of any kind, we would be happy if you contact the accessibility coordinator through the “Contact Us” form or the detailed referral channels below.

Accessibility Coordinator Details

Name: Tsachi David

Email: [email protected]


Last updated: 27/2/24

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